You’re Invited to Create Content for YL Discipleship

Crystal Kirgiss October 5, 2020

As ministry continues to change and adapt in our current context, staff and leaders often find themselves needing to spend more time in order to connect with fewer students. As a result, they are especially in need of solid, ready-to-use resources that can help free up their time for in-the-field hands-on being-with-students.

YL Discipleship is inviting all interested writers and content creators to help expand our presence on the YouVersion Bible App, Instagram, and our Bible Project partner site. If you’ve already created piles of resources over the years (many of you have), or if you’re someone who naturally creates content regularly for your ongoing ministry (many of you do), would you consider tapping your best material and adapting it for one of our current content channels? The ripple effect of sharing your words and wisdom would have a deep impact on countless people — both leaders and students.
Want to write and create for the mission-at-large?

Follow the writing guidelines linked below and you can contribute by emailing YL Discipleship.

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