Young Life’s Global Day of Prayer

Donna Hatasaki October 4, 2020

This Tuesday, October 6, we have the privilege to join together for the Young Life Global Day of Prayer. Together as a diverse body, we seek to go deeper into the heart of God, with the single-minded mission of reaching kids for Jesus Christ.

We encourage you to join together in prayer on Tuesday with the staff and volunteers in your local area. Below are some extra resources that could help enhance this day.

Become a Kid at Camp. 

It’s our turn to spend 15 minutes in silence beneath the stars, even if the sun is still shining! Before you do, watch this video message or listen to it on SoundCloud.

It’s an invitation to rest in the Father’s arms while Jesus does the work of prayer in us, through us, and for us. In these difficult days when many of us are weary, let’s not turn prayer into more WORK we do FOR God; let’s instead receive it as an invitation to surrender ourselves more fully to our Father’s loving care.

Explore A Spacious Place. 

Join with those in your area in exploring the first retreat created for you on The Good Way website.

Take a few moments to listen to the worship music under the Music and More button, then engage in the retreat, A Warm Welcome.

Afterward, process your experience as a team, and end with a time of intercession for kids and leaders in your area, as well as for the leadership of the mission and the Body of Christ throughout the world.

May the Lord warm our hearts, restore our souls, and infuse our efforts with His Spirit for the sake of kids everywhere who need His forgiveness and His love.

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