John 10:10 on 10/10 – A Prayer Walk of Life

Andy Chittick October 6, 2020

In Edinburgh, Scotland, when all in-person contact with our young people and their families was removed overnight, my DGL, Charlie, and I began a new strategy of prayer and action. We drove to our most invested families to collect food donations and then helped deliver the food, meeting the families of kids who were most in need of support.

All other typical Young Life activities came to a rapid halt, so during the time we would usually be interacting with kids, we went to the streets where they live and the school campuses where they studied, and we prayed- for them and for their families. We covered miles and miles of local community streets this way. Local Friends of Young Life and international prayer partners joined us- taking individual streets by name.

As an extension of this, we have set Oct 10th (10/10) as a day of prayer for our community. We have coordinated with volunteers from several local churches to get out and walk the words of John 10:10- praying the LIFE of Jesus over all the loss and destruction we have seen in the past months during the lockdown we have had to live through.

Now, we invite you to join us in this- on Saturday, why not pray LIFE over YOUR streets? Include your volunteers, kids, and Friends of YL. Start with the words of Jesus in John 10:10 and then see how He inspires you to keep praying further for your local needs.

Then tell us your experience afterward here. God is calling us to active prayer. Are you ready to follow?

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