Two New Resources from YL Discipleship

Crystal Kirgiss May 4, 2020

As we enter into a unique summer in the mission of Young Life, the Young Life Discipleship office has prepared two new resources as you continue to pursue relationships with your middle, high school, and college friends.

1. Starting Monday, May 4th, a daily public reading of Mark’s gospel on IGTV @yl_discipleship featuring different voices from around the mission reading one chapter a day. A reading calendar plus leader’s study-discussion guide can be downloaded here. Just the study-discussion guide can be downloaded here.

2. As we enter a unique YL summer, our commitment to initiating and engaging in deeper conversations with our teens is more important than ever. We’ve put together three short videos about how to prepare personally, how to listen pastorally, how to respond wisely, and how to testify faithfully. Also available: a discussion guide for each video. All of these resources can be found here

Our digital devo, “3-in-1,” will remain online through the summer. The content can be used with both students who want to follow Jesus more closely and with students who are still considering life with Christ.

If you have questions, ideas, dreams, or are looking for specific discipleship resources/tools, please email me and let’s talk.

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