The $100 Tip Idea: Campaigners, Club or Leadership

Drew Hill April 9, 2019

Do you ever order pizza for club, Campaigners or Leadership? 

Last semester we ordered it almost weekly and ended up having the same delivery guy almost every time.  After 5 times of Sherman showing up, we got the idea that it would be fun to surprise him one day with a HUGE TIP! 

Each week, over the next month, we each pitched in a couple bucks in an empty box labeled “Sherman.” It didn’t take too long for us to collect over $100. When we finally did, everyone was excited about showing up the next week.

When Sherman showed up to deliver the pizza, we gave him the typical $10 tip and played it cool.

But then one kid ran out of the house with a $5 bill and said, “Hang on, we wanted to give you an extra tip tonight. Thank you for being so awesome and feeding us this semester.”

Sherman smiled.

As the first kid came back in the house, another kid ran out with a $10 bill, “Here’s a little more!” 

Sherman grinned and said “Thank you again!” 

He started to get into his car, but was interrupted by two kids running out together, each with $20 bills.

The final guy let Sherman start to drive away, but chased him down with a a $50 and said “Don’t spend it all in one place! You da man, Sherman!”

From the windows inside we watched Sherman drive away, extra slowly, making sure there weren’t any more surprises chasing him in his rear-view mirror.

That was a night those kids won’t soon forget. 

And neither will Sherman. 

How does your Campaigners group serve together? 

Email us here and we’ll share it on the blog! 

Written by Drew Hill.

Drew is a pastor in Greensboro, NC and also on part-time staff with Young Life in the Global Innovation and Training department. Drew started the Young Life Leader Blog in 2010 and has written a best-selling book for Young Life leaders called “Alongside: Loving Teenagers with the Gospel.

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