YL Team Hangout Ideas

January 17, 2017

Written by Michael Sawyer, YL leader at Norterra Canyon WyldLife, in Phoenix, AZ.

As we enter the beginning of a new year, it’s time for Young Life teams all across the world to plan their spring semester club schedules. This year, don’t forget to make room for another important tradition: LEADER HANGOUTS!

In Young Life, it’s easy to focus on our relationships with kids, and rightfully so. However, there is a serious shortage of young adult church groups and it’s incredibly important that we gather together as young Christian adults and legitimately build strong relationships with our teams. Strong relationships on a team make leading easier, more enjoyable, and more meaningful. Jesus’ entire ministry is laced with the underlying theme that relationships are important, and Young Life’s ministry is built on the idea of strong relationships. Be in relationship with your teams this year by doing just one simple thing each month.

Our WyldLife team here in Phoenix, AZ has grown incredibly close because we take one day each month and plan a leader hangout. Take $100 per month and spend it on hanging out with leaders. Alternate who plans the leader hangouts each month. We ask the girls on our team to plan one month then the guys plan the next month and then the girls plan again. Don’t have $100 to spend each month? Consider these options:

  • Identify an adult leader who can fund $100 per month (it’s not asking a lot)
  • Each pitch in $20 per month (5 leaders = $100)
  • Have a church sponsor your club with $100 per month (again, not asking a lot)
  • Email parents of kids and see if any parent would be interested in directly donating $100 per month to building your leader’s community
  • Ask your area director for creative solutions. They want you to be in community too.

Here are some great ideas for leader hangouts that we’ve done in the past. Have more ideas? Email the YL Leader Blog and they’ll add them to this post.

  • Laser Tag
  • Top Golf
  • Dine-In Movie
  • Mini Golf
  • College Basketball Game
  • Escape the Room (use GroupOn)
  • Family Dinner
  • Ice Skating

Make this a priority this year, and I’m excited to hear how growing in deep relationships with your team affects your ministry, your relationships with kids, and your relationships with Christ.

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