Solving the Camp Phone Problem

May 19, 2016

An Area Director recently sent us this email and we’d love your help solving the problem. If you have ideas, please comment below or email us here. Thanks! -Drew 


Last year our area took students to camp and we told them “no phones” a million times and then we collected phones on the bus. At the end of the week, we found out a half dozen girls had their phones with them the whole time and actually turned in fake phones because they didn’t want to miss out on social media or “ruin their snapchat streaks.” 

Word got out that they managed to keep them and not get caught until the ride home, so at fall camp we had the same problem with every single boy that went to camp turning in a fake phone, but they got caught while at camp.

We are trying hard to brainstorm the best way to get them to actually turn in their REAL phone for summer camp. What things do other areas do? I’m guessing this is a problem with other areas and not just ours!  


Vexed by Verizon

Siked by Sprint

Tricked by T Mobile

Counterfeited by Cricket

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