Soda-Can Mat-Ball

April 11, 2016

Last week I was in Charleston, SC and ran into the James Island Young Life team after they just finished a game of Soda-Can Mat-Ball! 

Brooke Swetenburg sent me this video of Helen-Grace Hall hitting the can along with some instructions on how to play. If you’re looking for a fun club alternative for the spring time, check it out!

Soda-Can Mat-Ball

“The pitcher throws a soda can and the batter tries to hit the can with the bat and make it explode. If the batter doesn’t make the can explode, then it’s an out. If the batter does make it explode, it becomes regular mat-ball

The pitcher will then pitch the kickball and you kick it. You run the bases backwards, and the bases are big mats. You run the bases around as many times as you can without being out, kind of like regular baseball but backwards and with mats. There are 3 outs and the way that you score is by making it through home plate and back around to first base. You play with fouls and catching outs and everything! It’s super fun!”

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