Brand New Content Songs From ‘The Nashville Nine’

September 21, 2015

You’ve probably already fallen in love with these first six songs recorded for Young Life by the Nashville Nine. It’s an anonymous group of Young Life musicians who are committed to writing and recording content songs for us to use in club. As a gift to the mission, here are two brand new ones!


The first is called “Rescue.” I love it! It can fit well in club all semester long. I think the best time to introduce it might be on the night of the need talk. When you first play the song, leave out the ‘alternate chorus.’ Just delete that section from the slides below and replace it with the original chorus. Later on in the semester, maybe after the cross talk is given, sing the song with the alternate chorus. “You are the rescue” instead of “I need a rescue.” 

at all the broken

Pieces all around me

Pieces deep inside my soul

don’t know what’s real can’t

Help the way I’m feeling

All I know is I’m


need a rescue. I need a reckoning

all the things I’ve done and have been done to me

need revival. I need recovery

need to know if you’re the answer for what’s missing

something’s missing

up all the music

Something to amuse me

Cause silence is a lonely friend

you really knew me could you really love me

And save me from this loneliness

like I fell into a hole too deep to climb out

Then I looked up to the light and saw you reaching


Alternate Chorus (for later in the semester)

are the rescue. You are the reckoning

all the things I’ve done and have been done to me

are revival. You’re my recovery

know that you’re the answer for what’s missing

you love me

Download an mp3 of ‘Rescue.’ 

Download a PDF of the guitar chords for ‘Rescue.’

Download PPT slides for ‘Rescue.’

Download Keynote slides for ‘Rescue.’

Listen on SoundCloud to ‘Rescue.’

Coming Home

This song works great with a response talk and could fit well later in the semester. It also would fit perfectly if the talk is on the Prodigal Son.

I look around and all I see

There is a desert under my

I ran so far, ran out of road

I’m tired of running I’m
coming home

I’m coming home / I’m coming

I’m coming back where I

I want to be where I’m not

I’m coming back I’m coming

Coming Home….

I turn around and what I see

There’s so much beauty why
did I leave

Where I am loved where I am

I’m tired of running I’m
coming home

Download an mp3 of ‘Coming Home.’ 

Download a PDF of the guitar chords of ‘Coming Home.’

Download PPT slides of ‘Coming Home.’

Download Keynote slides of ‘Coming Home.’

Listen on SoundCloud to ‘Coming Home.’

Download the other Nashville Nine content songs here.

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