Young Life College: Club Talks

July 30, 2015

This week we’re sharing ‘best practices’ for YL College Club. Today the focus is on club talks. Find more resources for Young Life College here.


Different areas use different approaches when it comes to speakers. Some areas only use volunteer leaders on the YL College team while other areas invite outside speakers. Either way, go ahead at the beginning of the semester and make the speaker schedule and assign talk topics or scripture.

  • Other YL Staff/leaders in the area

  • Community leaders

    • Friends from church

    • Career leaders

    • Professors

    • Other ministry leaders (Cru, IV, RUF)

    • Pastors

    • Authors

  • Student leaders

    • Students sharing life stories/testimonies

    • YL Director meets with each of them to help them think through/write out their talk.

    • Sometimes in an interview format

    • Just during the 2nd semester

Club Topics

YL areas do club talks in a variety of ways. Here are some ideas below.

Gospel Progression

  • Intro
  • Person of Christ
  • Need
  • Sin
  • Cross
  • Resurrection/Appropriation

Other areas have picked one of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) and talked through it over a semester.


Some areas have found that shorter 3-week series are attractive to college students and others pick a theme for the whole semester. Here are some series ideas others shared with us:

  • ‘The Broken World’ (giving 3 talks in a row about sin and our need for Christ)
  • Roadblocks (doubt and apologetics)
  • The Ridiculous Sayings of Jesus
  • Sex, Dating, Relationships (in Feb, the month of Love and before spring break)
  • Essentials of the Christian Faith
  • How to follow Jesus
  • Living in community
  • Vision for your life
  • Prepping for life after college
  • The Beatitudes (called it “#waytobe”)

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