Questions To Ask In Your Post-Club Team Meeting

February 2, 2015

After club each week it’s important to gather as a team and review the night, we call it ‘post-club team time.’ Our club ends at 9 pm and our team usually meets from 9:15-10:15 pm after everyone has left. Other clubs in our area gather another night of the week because a post-club meeting makes for a long Monday.

We always start the post-club meeting with an extended time of prayer, each leader thanking the Lord for what He did that night. After prayer, we review each part of club and ask two general questions along with a few others, depending on the week.

1. What went well?

2. What can we tweak for next time?

Parts of Club To Evaluate


  • Where did you see God show up tonight?

  • Did club feel fun?

  • Was it well organized?

  • Did club flow well or was there too much down time in between club elements?

  • Did we give kids ownership of club or did we do everything?

  • How were our senior leaders and other students made to be producers instead of consumers tonight?

  • Did we leave the club location better than we found it? Did we clean up well?

  • Who is writing a thank you note to the host family?

Pre- club

  • Were we prepared for club ahead of time so we could hang out with kids when they arrived?

  • Did you arrive to club spiritually prepared?

  • What new kids did you meet?

  • Did every new person feel welcomed?

  • Did we get all the new folks to fill out club cards?

  • What parents did you meet?

  • Did we communicate clearly with parents about pickup time and upcoming events?

  • Was parking an issue? Do we need to get folks to help direct traffic?

  • Did the seniors form the tunnel on time, was there clear communication?

  • Did we start on time?


  • What songs worked and which should we cut?

  • Were leaders and senior leaders spread throughout the crowd?

  • Were the lyrics on the screen correct and easy to read? What do we need to tweak?

Game, Mixer, Skit, Run-on

  • What was funny? What worked and what didn’t?

  • Were kids made to feel like heroes or goats? Did we pick the right kids for the games?

  • Did the mixer get everyone involved?

  • Were the games/jokes in good taste and above reproach?


  • Be careful with this. It’s important to limit negative feedback right after the talk. It’s great to evaluate, but keep this time positive. Make a note of ways the speaker could improve next time and offer those critiques later in the week, not when they’re vulnerable after just pouring out their heart.

  • It’s helpful if the speaker can lead this time and ask the 5 questions below of the team.

  1. Did I seem prepared?
  2. Was Jesus lifted up? Did the Scripture come to life?
  3. What did you hear me say? What was my main point
  4. What’s one thing I did really well?
  5. What’s one thing I can work on for next time?

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