When A Kid Shows Up Without A Costume

December 23, 2014

Guest post submitted by Julane Dover, leader in Bend, Oregon

This idea was for our Halloween club, but I think it can be adapted to other holidays when costumes are encouraged. Earlier that day, I told a few girls and another leader to wear an M&M colored t-shirt. I also brought a few large and extra large t-shirts purchased at the local craft store. 

As kids showed up, if they weren’t in costume, I asked if they wanted to be part of our “pack of M&M’s.” Every kid I asked, replied, “Yes.” To complete their costume, I helped add a white ”M” to the front of their shirt. Before club, I cut the “M” out of white, sticky, vinyl. White cardstock with double-stick tape may work just as well. I also added the words: FUN SIZE to a couple of the guys’ shirts. This idea could be adapted for other holidays; red and green for Christmas or pastels for Easter etc. It was easy, fun, inexpensive and helped make every kid feel included.

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