Young Life Day Of Prayer: March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014

Today is a global Young Life Day Of Prayer. On the first Tuesday in March and the first Tuesday in October we have a special Young Life Day of Prayer. When I first read‘Dance, Children, Dance,’ the Jim Rayburn story, I was struck by how this mission was founded on prayer. Not just a brief prayer before bed, but all-nighters spent crying out to the Lord. 

We don’t just set aside these two days a year to pray, but we do take these two days to join together in prayer around the world.  Gather with your YL team or area or Campaigners group today and join thousands in prayer for teenagers. 

Dear Lord, give us the teenagers that we may lead them to
Thee. Our hearts ache for the millions of young people who remain untouched by
the Gospel and for the tragically large proportion of those who have dropped by
the wayside and find themselves without spiritual guidance. Help us to give
them a chance, oh Father, a chance to become aware of thy Son’s beauty and
healing power in the might of the Holy Spirit. Oh, Lord Jesus, give us the
teenagers, each one at least long enough for a meaningful confrontation with
Thee. We are at best unprofitable servants, but thy grace is sufficient. Oh,
thou Holy Spirit, give us the teenagers. For we love them and know them to be
awfully lonely. Dear Lord, give us the teenagers
.”  – Jim Rayburn

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