Young Life Leader Interview Questions

December 5, 2013

I recently received an email asking for questions to use when interviewing potential Young Life leaders who have gone through Leader Training. Below is a compiled list from a few friends on YL staff around the country.

  1. Tell us how you got to this point? Give us a 5 minute
    summary of your journey that led you to this interview.  (Testimony? Defining moments that have shaped
    your life?)
  2. Describe in your own words what it means to have a
    relationship with Jesus?
  3. Why do you want to be a Young Life leader? (if not answered
    in the previous question)
  4. How are you being filled spiritually outside of Young Life?
    What things in your life are helping you grow in your relationship with Christ?
  5. Do you have a local church home?  How does your church feel about you being a
    YL leader?
  6. Who has been a spiritual influence in your life?
  7. Do you currently have a spiritual mentor?  If not, is that something you want to look
    for?  Who is currently asking you hard
    questions and holding you accountable?
  8. What have you read lately that has influenced you
  9. What is Young Life in your own words, not Jim Rayburn’s
    words? How would you explain it to someone?
  10. What are 2 things you’re taking away from Leader Training?
  11. What is your biggest excitement about being a leader?
  12. What is your biggest fear about being a leader?
  13. What other commitments do you have? (other ministries, job,
    school, dating relationship, Greek life, etc…)
  14. What type of middle/high school students do you feel drawn
  15. What do you like to do with your free time?
  16. How was your time shadowing and doing contact work?
  17. What do you understand the time commitment per week to be
    for a YL leader?  How is that time spent?
  18. Are you willing/able to commit for the rest of the time you
    have in college? (Or 2 years) (or How long are you willing to commit?)  When are you able to begin?
  19. Do you have any plans to study abroad?
  20. Any red flags from the ‘standards of conduct’ packet? What
    ‘conduct areas’ are going to difficult for you?
  21. Is there an
    area you want help growing in? 
    (organization, submitting to authority, self-discipline, confidence,
    humility, etc…)   Strengths/weaknesses?
    Something you wish you did better?
  22. If you’re working on a group project, what role do you
    typically play? Give an example.
  23. How would your friends describe you?  Would they affirm you being a YL leader? 
  24. If married, how does your spouse feel about you being a
    leader? Parents feel about you being a leader?
  25. Where do you live and who do you live with?
  26. Who are some people we could call that know you well?
  27. If we called you today and asked you to be a leader, would
    you say yes or I’m still not sure?
  28. If you became a leader this spring and we needed you to come
    with us to summer camp, do you know if you’d be available to come with us?
  29. What are some of the ways God has gifted you? What do you
    bring to the team? (Do you play the guitar or have any other ‘skillz’ that we
    should know about like video editing, beat boxing, break dancing, etc…?)
  30. In your heart of hearts, where do you feel like the Lord is
    calling you to give yourself away…high school kids?  middle school kids, Wyldlife?  other (i.e. college, sorority/fraternity,
    homeless, church youth group, etc.)? 
  31. Have you filled out the driver questionnaire? Background
  32. Anything we should know (relationally with other leaders,
    etc…) before we place people on teams?
  33. Any questions for us?
  34. Explain the leader selection process—we’ll call
    you within x days.
  35. Confirm you have the correct phone & email.

Download a PDF of these questions

Download a Word doc of these questions

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