10 Questions To Ask Graduating Seniors

May 7, 2013

I recently read this post by Chuck Bomar, and thought it was worth passing along. I’ve edited his questions to fit specifically with Young Life. 

Chuck writes, “Companies and organizations often do “exit interviews” and they
do so for many different reasons. But the biggest one is that they get really
honest answers. They do this so they can learn, become better at what they do,
and more faithfully care for their employees.”

Young Life leaders need to do this too. Asking
graduating seniors the following questions can help you become better at what
you do, be more in tune with the actual needs
of your high school friends, and provide a natural way for you to give a few things for
them to think about as they move onto the next stage of education.  But mostly it’s about asking them questions
and keeping your ears open.”

10 Questions To Ask Graduating Seniors

1.    What
is one thing you would NOT want to see changed in our Young Life club?

2.    If
you were me, what two things would you do differently in leading this ministry?

3.    What tough questions are you thinking through in your life right now? (Note: this is a good one to ask because it can clue you into which
questions you should answer for the next years seniors!

4.    What
do you think the biggest need is of the students at your high school? 

5.    What
aspects of Young Life do you think are the most effective in helping high schoolers grow in their faith? Why that one? Anything we can do better?

6.    What
do you think the students at your school want the most out of life? 
What is a way that we can meet/address that desire?

7.    What
was it that helped you best connect in Young Life?

8.    What could we do better to help future high schoolers feel more connected and invested in?

9.    Was
there anything in YL that made you feel uncomfortable or discouraged?

10. What did you find to be
most encouraging thing about YL?

Download a PDF of these questions here. 

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