An Email From A Team Leader: The Envy Of Free Time

April 20, 2013

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I received this email from a friend on YL staff in Forsyth County, NC and thought it was worth passing along. It was written by a Team Leader in their area. 

Hey awesome team,

Quick story: A few weeks ago someone asked me why I do YL when my life seems busy enough w/o it. I thought about that. My heart got dark
with envy of his free time.

In campaigners, we have been studying Mark. And while
planning for campaigners, I came to our next passage, which was the Jesus
feeding the five thousand. His disciples were ready for some rest and
relaxation, and wanted a break from the busyness. When they saw the crowd of
5000, they wanted to leave. Immediately. That was my heart. 

But Jesus, just as
tired and exhausted, “saw a great
crowd, and he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd.
And he began to teach them many things” (Mk 6:34).  

I felt the Holy Spirit remind me: this is why
you lead YL.

Our HS friends have so much vying for their attention. What
a great privilege we have to bring our friends to the foot of the cross! Praise
God! We get to be a part of THAT. A part of the kingdom of God coming to the highschool.
A part of our friends meeting the greatest of all shepherds.

Love you guys and gals,


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