When The Team Leader Is Gone

April 25, 2012

Fifteen Valuable Lessons I Learned Running Club The Week Our Team Leader Was On Vacation

(These helpful pointers were shared anonymously by another YL leader.)

1. Get the sound system up and running earlier.

2. Don’t be late to pre-club mtg.

3. Finish the powerpoint the day before club (it takes longer than you think it will).

4. Make sure every one on the team understands the depth and complexity of their roles/responsibilities.

5. Come to club with a iPod playlist for the outdoor sound system.

6. Delegate things way ahead of time.

7. Don’t give people more than they can realistically handle.

8. Unmute the computer sound if sound is embedded in the powerpoint.

9. Communicate to people more clearly exactly what they need to do.

10. Make sure the music slides for the powerpoint are the same ones the music leaders are using.

11. Communicate to the person explaining the games how important it is to clearly communicate how the games are played to the audience.

12. Be firmer with kids who are being huge distractions/detractions in the middle of songs/talk.

13. Get skit characters to dress up as their characters.

14. Don’t let people sit/stand around the sound booth and talk.

15. In order to finish club on time, start club on time.

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