How Setting Up Your Older Sister On A Date With Your Young Life LeaderReally Pays Off

November 18, 2011

Our Spikeball contest winner, Amy Fanning, ran around her house screaming this morning when she learned she’d won the first contest ever on The Young Life Leader Blog. I emailed Amy and ask her about her history with Young Life. Her response was storybook. I’m continually amazed at how God works through this ministry!

Amy’s lived a life deeply influenced by the ministry of Young Life. It began when her mom met Christ at Castaway in 1967 and later became Amy’s Young Life leader when she entered high school. Years later, her little brother set her up on a blind date with his Young Life leader, to whom she now has been married for 11 years! She owes her brother big time, but as you’re about to find out, she’s getting ready to make a small payment on the debt.

Amy has been a volunteer Young Life leader for 12 years in Palatine, IL and Hartland, WI. While she has faith in God, she doesn’t have much faith in her own lucky streak, so she went ahead and bought a Spikeball set the day she entered the contest. She already used it at club this week and it was a big hit! Since she already owns a set, she’s sending her Spikeball winnings to her lil bro PJ Bohrman, a Wyldlife leader in Phoenix, AZ. Just a small way to say thanks again for introducing me to my hubby.

Amy, thanks for sharing a little of your story.. and for sharing your Spikeballs. Congrats PJ!

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