Looking For Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Young Life Friends?

November 21, 2011

If you are a staff person looking for Christmas gift ideas for committee or leaders…If you are a volunteer leader looking for ideas for your high school friends…If you are a ridiculously selfish person, addicted to YL gear, looking for items to add to your own Christmas list…here are some ideas for you!The Diaries of Jim RayburnWhitecaps Media, the publishers of “The Diaries of Jim Rayburn,” are pleased to offer the books for the holiday season for only $10 each (retail $21.95) when you order ten or more (plus shipping). A great gift for leaders or committee! If you’re interested, simplyemail Whitecaps Media. Supplies are limited so order quickly!

Sweatshirt Blankets
One of my favorite YL gifts I’ve ever been given. They’re $27 in the YL online store (with your staff or leader sign in), but I believe you can also get a bulk discount.

How fun would it be to pick out a different wig for each of your leaders! And think of the value that would add to your area skit closet.

Crazy Creek Camping ChairsIn the past I ordered a bunch of these chairs in bulk from websites like Sierra Trading Post for around $20.

Young Life Water Bottles
There are a lot of options at the online YL store ranging between $7-$14. A great thing about water bottles is you can fill them with other fun and cheap things like a hand-written note, candy canes, etc…

Framed Wordles
Check out this video for an example.

Gas Cards

If you are a committee member looking for a gift for volunteer leaders, you can’t go wrong with a gas card!

Head Lamps
Leaders can rapidly increase their cool points by breaking out a headlamp at camp. Prices range from $10-$100. I use mine to read with at night and way more often than I originally anticipated. Hands free light baby!

Personalized Frisbees/Disc Golf Discs
You can order disc golf discs or 175g nice ultimate frisbees with your area logo on them from a lot of online stores. The turnaround process typically isn’t quick, so order today. I’ve had good success in the past withDTworld.com.

Belt Buckles
Who doesn’t want a belt buckle with the YL logo on it? Or a sketch of your face engraved in shiny silver? I’ve never ordered these, but I can’t imagine anything I’d rather open on Christmas day than a nice shiny belt buckle. Shoutout to all our Texas YL leaders!

How To Distribute Gifts At A Leader Party
One year we played a game to distribute gifts. There were tons of gifts on a table upfront in view of all. The gifts ranged in cost from $5-$30 and varied from the things above to cd’s, books, gift cards to restaurants, etc… The person who had been leading the longest in the area got to pick a gift first…all the way to the newest leader picking last. It was a nice way to recognize the marathoners in the group and fun to see what everyone picked.

What gift ideas would you share? Please comment below

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