Ice-Cube Cowboys

July 2, 2011


Kids should break off into pairs. With WL kids, we usually tell them they should be on the same gender because one person will be the “horse” and one the “rider.” The horse gets on their hands and knees and the rider gets on their back. Before the game starts, a large bowl of ice cubes is placed somewhere in the middle of the room. The horse is then blindfolded.

How To Play 

How the game works is that the horses are trying to spit ice cubes at other pairs to eliminate them. So, the horse must be guided by their rider to the ice cube bowl, and then out it in their mouth. The rider continues to guide then until they have locked a target and then taps the head of the horse and they must spit the ice cube at the other pair. If a rider or horse is hit, they are out.

Things You’ll Need 

enough blindfolds for half of the kids coming to club, ice cubes, possibly a tarp to play on top of depending on where you are playing. Better outside.

Potential Skit Characters 

Cowboy and horse, rodeo, etc.

Submitted by Abigail Julcher, Syracuse, NY

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