54 Hours Of Adolescent Insight

July 15, 2011

Tonight NBC will air the final episode of, in my humble opinion, the best TV show of all time, Friday Night Lights. You can already watch the 5th and final season on Hulu Plus and DVD, because it originally aired on DirecTV, but tonight finishes the show for most of the viewing world.

I myself was a late-comer to the FNL craze and had to catch up on the first three seasons via DVDs and streaming online. I read a quote a while back that said something like “I’ve never met a highly successful leader who doesn’t exercise daily and who regularly watches TV.” It motivated me (a little) to get off the couch and to stop adding titles to my Netflix Instant Queue, but it didn’t stop me from watching “Friday Night Lights.”

I honestly don’t enjoy many TV shows. We don’t even have cable, but a few times a week I will watch an episode of something on our Roku. I sometimes watch “The Office,” “The Mentalist,” “Prison Break,” and a few others irregularly, but there is just something different about FNL. For me it has been a breath of fresh air waves. In a world full of media and entertainment, FNL has been a rare combination of reality and redemption. It has often made me cry. It has fired me up. It stirs my heart. FNL reminds me of the real pressures and trials high schoolers and their families face on a daily basis. It makes me want to love teenagers well.

There are a lot of great things you can do with 54 hours of your time. That’s how much it would take you to catch up on all 76 episodes. There are probably a lot more valuable things for you to do than just sit in front of a TV. But… if you are looking for a new show to rent or buy on DVD, there’s not a better show out there for Young Life leaders. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

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