A Chance To Celebrate Other Leaders

July 13, 2011

Hearing about other Young Life leaders laying their lives down for their high school friends encourages me to do the same. Summer is a time when its easy to get slack and “take a break” from really investing in kids, but few things motivate me more than watching my friends who are YL leaders really ‘gettin’ it done.’

So here’s the proposal:Let’s publicly celebrate one another.Have you been encouraged by watching another leader in your area laying down their life for their high school friends? If so, send an email to:YL1941 at gmail dot com(or use the “email me” link to the right) with the following info:

  • The leader’s first name who you want to celebrate.
  • The state that leader is from.
  • Why you want to celebrate them/what they have been doing in YL ministry that has encouraged you.

I’ll take the submissions and post them up on the blog as they come in. Hopefully it will be an encouragement to everyone out there in Young Life Leader-land.

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