Summer Camp Idea: Mario Kart Racing

May 20, 2011

Field Game Idea: Mario Kart Racing (From Chris in Georgia)

Get the work crew to blow up a lot of balloons (3 per guy at camp) and tie a short string to each. Have each guy tie the balloons to their shorts or around their waist.

Now comes the dangerous part. Give each girl at camp a newly sharpened little golf pencil (or little pins) for them to try and pop the balloons. If you wanted a safer alternative, you could give them pieces of tape or stickers that they try to stick on the balloon.

Create a HUGE race track around camp, somewhere between the size of a normal 400m track and 1/2 mile. The girls can spread themselves throughout the track around camp and try to pop the guys balloons. All the guys start together at the starting line and race to the finish line.
The first 10 guys who finish the race with at least one balloon that has not been popped win a free slurpie at the snack shack.

Feel free to change it up and add variations. You could put certain items on the race track that give prizes to whoever picks them up, if they complete the race with at least 1 balloon. For example, you could put a YL frisbee on the course with a note on the back giving someone $10 at the camp store, etc…You could also use a Mario and Luigi character to sell the game. Should be a fun new activity that kids haven’t seen.

Thanks Chris!

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