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A Must-See Movie for YL Leaders

This guest post is written by Nathan Goodroe, a WyldLife leader in Clemson, SC. I was searching through Netflix one night looking for something to watch with my father. I naturally headed toward the documentaries. I knew he might not be as excited as I was for a two hour long video on Alaskan bears, so I began…

The True Tall Tell Of A Wilderness Ranch Guide Named Erin

Goose Eggs

Originally posted May 2011.  I received this email from my friend Charlie who leads at another school in our area. He has three kids, works full time, and has been volunteering at the same high school for 11 years. May you be blessed by his honesty.  Friends, Monday night we had Senior Club.  Zero, that’s right a big…

A Letter From A Young Life Leader To Graduating High School Seniors

Are We Really Ready?

This guest post is written by James Smith, a Young Life leader in Columbia, SC. James is a sophomore at the University of South Carolina. More of his writing can be found here.  I think back a few weeks ago to a conversation I had with another leader while on the ride back to school after a weekend…

Creating a Campaigners Group in 5 Months

Guest Post: Hunger Games Club

Guest Post: Ten Leader Declarations from the Book of Ephesians

This guest post is written by James Smith, a Young Life leader at AC Flora High School in Columbia, SC.  James is a sophomore at the University of South Carolina majoring in International Business and Finance.  More of his writing can be found here. After reading through Ephesians, I wrote down some truths that are spoken through the…

A Roller Coaster Reminder

Who’s Your Eric?

Why I Love My Job, A Guest Post

How Young Life Was Born

On This Day in Young Life History: A Guest Post from Kit Sublett August 24, 1956, saw the summer coming to a close at Frontier Ranch. The final days of camp were a gathering of college students, known as “Leadership Seminar.” The speaker was Young Life’s founder, Jim Rayburn. The collegians had arrived the previous day, a Thursday,…

What You Missed This Summer

Summer is a busy time for Young Life Leaders. You’re gone to camp, vacation, summer staff, etc… You probably don’t have time to read all the blog posts you may have missed from the past couple months, so I thought I’d try to save you some time and give you the links to the most popular posts from…

An Anonymous Guest Post From A High School Principal

Bring Leadership To Life

5 Strategies For Vibrant Leadership In Young Life A Guest Post by Hugh Jones, Volunteer Leader in North CarolinaHere is a list of essential ingredients to an effective Young Life Ministry:Understand your calling. You must be called by Christ to enter the Ministry of Young Life. It can be trying and difficult to be a Young Life leader;…

Guest Post from John Piper

Pastor John did not actually submit this post to be published on The Young Life Leader Blog, but I’m sure he’s happy to share with all the Young Life leaders reading it. Below is a response letter that Piper wrote to a young person in his church after the teenager had asked for advice on life and identity….

How To Get Your Friends To Sleep At Young Life Camp

Leading Young Life As A New Mom With Cancer, Part 2

Leading Young Life As A New Mom With Cancer

Would You Write A Guest Post?

The initial idea for The Young Life Leader Blog was to create a space where Young Life leaders can share ideas and encouragement with one another. Would YOU be willing to share any creative ideas, crazy club games, encouraging stories, lessons learned, hot new songs, a strike of contact work genius, or anything else you have to offer…