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What To Do After College Graduation: The Dale House Project

3 Opportunities To Serve At-Risk Kids In Colorado

Tips On Saying Goodbye: Make Friends LIKE You’re Going To Know Them The Rest Of Your Life

The Dale House Project

I first shared about The Dale House last November, but just found out they have 2 male positions open for this June 1st and 2 male positions starting September 1st.  If you’re a college grad still trying to figure out what to do with this next year, I can’t think of an experience I’d more highly recommend! When…

The Dale House: Why We Work

The Dale House: Redefining Home

If you missed last week’s three posts on The Dale House Project, you can catch up here through these links: Got Plans After College? Recognizing God Lessons Learned Here’s another guest post, this one written by DHP training staff Cody Mitts. After spending almost 5 months on staff at The Dale House Project, I began to realize that…

The Dale House: What I’ve Learned

This guest post continues our series onThe Dale House Project. It’s written by Ted Woodard, the former barefoot place kicker for Stephen F. Austin University. While you may not have seen Ted’s legendary right foot in action, the way Ted interacts with at-risk teenagers is worth watching. I had the privilege of working with Ted almost a decade…

The Dale House: Recognizing God

This Guest Post follows yesterday’s introduction to The Dale House project. It’s written by Kevin Comiskey who has worked at the DHP for more than twenty years. There are few men I respect more than Kevin. His perseverance and wisdom are clearly gifts from the Lord. I asked Kevin to share a snippet about what he’s learned from…