Thank You, Women of Young Life!

Lucho Llanca March 28, 2022

March is Women’s History Month.  For this reason, I want to dedicate this post to all of the women in the mission of Young Life. In the Bible, we can see the participation of women all over the gospels. The participation of women was a integral part of Jesus’ strategy from the beginning.

Women interacted with Jesus with mutual respect, support, comfort, compassion, thanksgiving, and boldness. They were empowered by the spirit of God. In the gospels, we see how women supported Jesus financially, with their friendship, and how they participated as witnesses of his miracles.

Here are some renowned names of great women in the Bible: Mary, Ruth, Esther, Elizabeth, Eve and Mary Magdalene among others.

The contribution of each of these women has not only made our world better, but has also allowed us to see a clearer image of God and his love for all.

The history of Young Life is no different. From the beginning, we have had great women who have served the mission in different capacities. Thanks to their work and sacrifice today we have a far better mission.

During the years I have served with Young Life, I have had the honor of working with great women. I have been trained by them and am honored to have had women as my supervisors. I have never stopped being impressed by the sheer capacity and professionalism of the women in our mission.

 Here are some names of great women in our mission: Jesika, Rachel, Lyn, Sha, Katie, Holly, Mary, Jennifer, Melissa, etc… and this list could be much longer. Please fill in the blank with your name: ”_________!”

Jesus used women for important and special jobs. Look at Matt 28:1-10.

In verse 1 we see that the women were vigilant and attentive. This says a lot about the character and heart of the women. What courage!

In verses 6-7, the messenger of God appears to them and gives them the good news. He also tells them to see the tomb for themselves. They were chosen to be the first “witnesses” of the greatest event in history, the ressurection!

In verses 8-10, the resurrected Jesus appears to them and tells them to tell the others. Here we can see once again the role of the woman as a witness. These women were commissioned by Jesus himself to share the best news ever with the world.

Much of this has not changed at all today. Women have a gift from the Spirit that equips them to continue being chosen by God to see in the spiritual realm. They are called to be witnesses and messengers of the most beautiful good news. That is what each of you ladies does in our mission, at all levels of our organization.

You are messengers of God, constantly reminding us that Jesus is all-powerful and loving.

 For everything said here, listen very clearly that the world and the mission of Young Life is better for your great work and great support. This post is dedicated to all our women in Young Life. Thank you!

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