Global Day of Prayer

Young Life Leader September 28, 2021

We are celebrating our 80th birthday as a mission in October, and Young Life’s Mission Lead Team would like to start the party by offering you a special gift! Please set aside Tuesday, October 5 for the Young Life Global Day of Prayer— as a sacred day, dedicated to deepening our lives with God and one another.  

Our theme for the day will be Return. As we prepare for our milestone birthday, we hear the Lord inviting us to return to our roots: We are a movement born of prayer and a mission sent to seek and save lost kids.

We invite you to create your own special plan for the Global Day of Prayer; and/or we invite you to take advantage of the resources we will offer on the Global Day of Prayer website

  • a morning solitude guide 
  • an on-demand mid-day worship service 
  • an afternoon guide for praying together in teams

You will be reading more about these resources in Monday Morning in the weeks to come, but for now, set some time on your calendar and prepare for what God might want to do in this mission on October 5. Let’s return to the Father’s heart and hear afresh His desire, both for us as His cherished sons and daughters, and for those who have not yet experienced His redeeming love.

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