Young Life College Leadership: Vision and Values

Ben Chambers May 6, 2021

In the establishment of a leadership team, it is imperative that there is cohesiveness within the framework of your ministry. The following principles can help your team get on the same page. They can be summed up in the acronym: V.I.S.O.R.



What are we always moving toward? That every student will have a community that provides them the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ (significance) and grow in their faith, as they pursue Him in word, action, and deed (adventure).


Looking for a Win/Win, the BEST way and not just our own way. 1 Thess. 5:12-22, Eph. 4:1-6

  • Living graciously and generously among others
  • Always seeking ways to cooperate for the greater good of the mission. 
  • Seeking to serve others and adapting to unique needs.


Are we all on the same page? 1 Thess. 5:23-24

  • Growing in my relationship with Jesus (Trusting Him)
  • Making my personal time in prayer and in His Word a priority (Discipline)
  • Fostering a vibrant, “others-oriented” community (Healthy Relationships)
  • Serving others with joy and humility (Living out our faith)


Are we listening without judgment, validating feelings, and speaking truth with grace and love? Eph. 4:15-16, Romans 14:5-21

  • Healthy relationships breed healthy conversations
  • Attack problems, not people
  • Am I a safe place for honest conversations to live? (Confidentiality, Context, Consideration, Care)


Establishing yourself as someone who others can count on? Matt. 5:33-37, Luke 12:48b

  • Do I follow-through?
  • Do I follow-up?
  • Do I fill-in?
  • Do I finish strong?

When mutually applied within the team, these values breed a sense of trust among leaders, which fosters a loving community that has fun serving one another and others, together!

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