“Deeper in Christ” with Kyle Bush

Kyle Bush February 17, 2021

In this Deeper in Christ video, we hear from Kyle Bush who is a Young Life Leader in Colorado Springs. Kyle is also on the marketing team at the Young Life Service Center. He helps areas tell their stories through published materials, banquets, etc. 

Today is Ash Wednesday, which means the start of the Lenten season. Kyle talks about the story of Jesus in the desert in Luke. Jesus was led by the Spirit and then was returned by the Spirit. Scripture says that when you fast, God will draw you closer to him. When you fast, you should expect to get closer to God. 

Four things happen when we fast:

  1. We develop a dependence on God.
  2. We learn to fight with the sword of the Spirit.
  3. We learn to resist and defeat the devil.
  4. We will be in the power of the Spirit.

Kyle wants to fast so he can experience these things. Are you wanting these things too? Do you need a “spiritual reset”? Could this be the solution? What can you give up for Lent?

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