Videos for your Virtual Banquet

Brian Summerall November 10, 2020

Need shorter banquet messages that can be easily added to a virtual banquet or shown in a small gathering? 

We have four different messages below from short (5 minutes) to long (13 minutes). They rely heavily on storytelling to illustrate the importance of Young Life in your community. These stories will take your audience on a journey that will leave them with a clear picture of what Young Life is and how we need them to jump in and participate. Each video is downloadable on Vimeo, and can easily be combined with your area report, kids’ testimonies, and financial pitch for a successful event. I hope you find these helpful in some way.

The Story of the First Young Life Club (The Burr Nichols Story)

Taking Kids By the Hand to Jesus

I’m With Him

New Heart, New Breath, New Sight, New Life  (The Tod Bush Story)

You may also like to read the Burr Nichols story. Download a PDF here.

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