How Do I Have a Quiet Time?

Alex Holroyde May 27, 2020

How do you teach your college, high school, and middle school friends to read God’s word?

I remember going to Campaigners as a new believer and hearing people talk about their quiet times and having no idea what that meant. When I asked, I often received different answers. For some, it was reading the Bible, others it was journaling, and some listened to worship music. I tried reading the Bible treating it like a Magic 8 ball, randomly opening up to a page, and beginning to read. I understood that having a quiet time, praying, and reading his Word was important, but I didn’t understand what that should look like.

So how do we read His word? Better yet, how can we teach our middle, high school, and college friends to read His word? As a high school guy, I found opening a journal to see a blank page to be just as daunting as opening to a random passage of the Bible. I had no idea what to do or how to begin. My prayer is that the Remain Journal would be a great starting place, that it would make the practice of reading God’s Word and beginning the relationship we were created to have more approachable and less daunting. The purpose of this Journal is to teach the spiritual practice of remaining (having a quiet time) in Christ.

What will you find inside the Remain Journal?  

  • 2 Content Pages (allows you put the page numbers with corresponding journal entries)
  • 2 Prayer Pages for prayer requests
  • 50 dotted notes pages on the left-hand side
  • 50 pages of guided devotional questions on the right-hand side. Each page has the same format of questions. Who were characters? What did it say? What did you learn about God? Write out one verse that stood out or you underlined. What stood out to you about that verse? What did you learn about yourself? What are you going to do in light of what you read?

If you’d like to buy the Remain Journal for yourself or your Campaigners you can find it on Amazon now!

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