A New Book From Ty Saltzgiver: Lifting Up Jesus As We Proclaim His Gospel

Drew Hill September 4, 2019

If you are speaking at a Young Life club anytime soon, I highly recommend dropping the $1.99 to grab the newest book from a friend to many of us and YL Sr. VP, Ty Saltzgiver. 

‘Lifting Up Jesus In Every Talk As We Proclaim His Gospel’ was written specifically for Young Life leaders. In it, Ty offers relevant Biblical commentary on eighteen different encounters with Jesus in the Gospels.  

  1. Jesus’ Encounter with Zaccheus
  2. A Leper Healed
  3. The Reasons Jesus Came To Earth, as Given by Jesus Himself
  4. Man by the Pool 38 years-Made Well
  5. Feeding the 5,000
  6. The Great Catch of Fish and the Calling of Peter
  7. Jesus and Peter Walking on Water
  8. Rich, Young Ruler
  9. Turning Footbath into Vintage Wine
  10. Paralytic Through the Roof
  11. Two Events: The Synagogue Ruler and the Daughter of God
  12. Clearing/Cleansing the Temple
  13. The Woman at the Well
  14. The Woman Caught in Adultery
  15. Woman Anointing Jesus
  16. Jesus Calms a Storm
  17. Bartimaeus Regains His Sight
  18. Lazarus is Raised from the Dead

In each chapter Ty provides:

  • Historical Background 
  • Setting
  • Possible Points You Could Make (by verse)

I wish I would’ve had this helpful reference tool years ago. It belongs on the nightstand of every Young Life leader. 

You can purchaseLifting Up Jesus” here for only $1.99.

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