Contact Work Idea: 1000 People of Dance Video

February 13, 2019

I recently saw this incredible video: 1000 People of Dance. Could be fun to make a similar one with your middle, high school, or college friends. It wouldn’t need to be nearly as complex with 1000 people, but here’s a plan you could potentially pull off:

  1. Ask a friend who is good at choreography to help you create a simple dance to a song you love. 
  2. Teach that dance to a few friends or roommates and video it with you in the middle.
  3. Teach it to your Campaigners group and video it with you in the same spot.
  4. Teach it to your Young Life team, video again.
  5. Teach it to all the leaders in your area, video again.
  6. Ask one of your tech-savvy friends to help you edit the video.
  7. Show the video at All-City club.
  8. Teach the dance to everyone at club and video it again. 
  9. Put that part of the video into the final version.
  10. Upload it to YouTube and email the link to The Young Life Leader Blog and we’ll share it with the world! 

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