Introducing The ClubCard App, 2.0

September 5, 2017

Written byBrad Schmitt, former Young Life Area Director.

Note from Young Life: ClubCard has been reviewed by Young Life Mission Services. Areas that feel this will be a helpful tool may use at their discretion.

As an Area Director and YL Leader I found using club cards to collect kids’ and parent contact information to be a valuable part of the ministry. Ultimately enabling better communication and fostering relationships with kids and parents.

The limitations and frustrations of using paper club cards are obvious: remembering to bring the cards, reading kids’ handwriting and manually entering the data afterward can be difficult and time consuming. Due to these pain points many Young Life Clubs across the mission don’t actively use club cards. With the availability of smartphones and popularity of social media I know many leaders have thought there has to be a better way.

The ClubCard 2.0

We designed and built ClubCard for YL leaders and staff. The new digital club card solution is fun and easy to use.

How it works:

  1. Leaders schedule club events using ClubCard Leader Dashboard.

  2. Kids download the ClubCard App on their phone to check in and instantly receive a raffle ticket number.

  3. A leader uses the ClubCard Leader Dashboard to run a raffle and announce the winner.

  4. Leaders now have access to kids’ and parents’ contact information, from anywhere.


  • Photos – Put a name to a face!

  • A Raffle Incentive — Why would kids download the app? They can win free stuff!

  • Only Fill Out Your Club Card Once

  • Directions to Club with a Tap

  • Location Based Check In

  • Check In a Friend – For kids without a phone

For YL Staff and Area Directors:

  • No more manually entering data — it’s automatic!

  • Parent contact information is easily exported for mailings and invitations.

  • Use data for more accurate GPS numbers

New In 2.0!

Group Message for Your Club – Can Replace GroupMe

Everyone that checks into your club automatically gets added to club’s group chat in ClubCard. There’s also the option of muting an inappropriate or annoying kid in the group message.

All Area Clubs – Attach Multiple Ministries to a Club

You can now run a raffle for All Area Clubs with the ability to attach multiple ministries to a Club Event.

Optional Card Fields Great for YL College and Leaderships

Only collect the data from kids that you want. If you want parent emails, physical address, both? Now you can customize it however you want. Remember that less is more to speed up the process.

News Feed

Create Club Bulletins with clickable links and pictures for camp signups, events, etc.

Available On All Devices

ClubCard is available for iOS, Android and the Web for any device


Using promo code: LEADERBLOG

ClubCard is priced at $12 per month or $120 per year.

Sign up at

We’re excited to see how ClubCard helps your ministry. Our hope is to simplify the process in which you connect with kids and parents. If you have a suggestion, please let us know.

For support or questions please contact Meghan Parks at or (704) 835-0622.

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