How To Make The Perfect Trip Tee

June 12, 2017

Written by Jon Sittko, on staff with the YL Store.

I need to make some trip tees and I have no idea where to start!” 

At the YL Store we get calls like this all the time. We actually love it, because we have a simple step-by- step process on how to make the perfect set of trip tees and how to save the leaders we work with a lot of time and headache. It’s actually quite easy! 

Here are 5 simple steps:


Get your design down first.  This is the part you don’t want to put off to the last second because GREAT shirts are perfected over time. We use our in-house art team to design any tee a leader might need. You can literally design anything you want and we do it FREE as long as we are producing the shirt for you! I once had a leader call and say “Jon, I want a panda with 3D glasses smiling and watching a movie while eating popcorn, can you do that?” See what we sent back 24 hours later in the pic above. 

Or you can browse from the hundreds of designs we have on file HERE. We can adjust these designs in ANY way you want. It’s always best to design your shirt about 2-3 months before you need to receive them. This gives you time to make it exactly what you want, but we can do it faster if you still need tees for camps this summer.


Not all shirts are created equal and neither are budgets.  Some people are on a budget but still want a soft style shirt and cannot afford a tri-blend tee.  That is ok…we have a lot of options to choose from and we will help you pick the perfect shirt for your budget and style.


Once you have your design and garment picked we will nail down the price of your shirts across different quantities so you can budget your trip costs accordingly. Remember we can always tweak your design or garment style to fit your budget needs.


That is your job to get as many kids on the bus for camp.  Now that you have your design done, you know what style of shirt you want and how much it all costs you can focus on the getting bodies in those shirts.


2-3 weeks before you need the shirts send us your sizes.  Since we have your design on file, your garment style and the price we can just plug in your sizes and hit “GO!”

Most of the leaders we have met over the years that are having success with events and gift are the ones that plan in advance. They always have the best ideas and the coolest designs AND they seem a lot less stressed out because they take the time to make it perfect. 

So this year with your Trip Tees try applying these 5 simple steps and let us help you make the PERFECT TRIP TEE this year! Happy camping!

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