Control: A Great Card Game for Contact Work

November 10, 2016

If you’re looking for a fun game to play with your middle, high school, or college friends- the brand new card game, Control, is awesome! 

I picked up one of my high school friends from school last week and we went and played at Mickey D’s. Card games are a great way to foster conversation and often help kids feel more at ease when talking. It’s a wonderful way to create a semi-distracting environment, enough so that a teenager feels comfortable to talk about hard things.

This particular game is even cooler because it was invented by a Young Life leader!  Mattox Shuler, pictured here, is a Young Life College leader in Athens, GA at UGA. #GoDawgs

Control is an easy to play card game for 2–4 players where each round lasts 5–10 minutes. Players are trying to build up cards in their area of play while stopping others from doing so along the way. It’s portable and easy to pick-up-and-and-play so that both non-gamers and game-night veterans can both have a good time.

Buy the game on Amazon.

Here’s a video from Mattox with instructions on how to play.

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