WyldLife Wednesday: Wyld Moms

September 21, 2016

Written by Mary Beth Witler, WyldLife staff, Argyle, TX.

While having lunch with another Young Life staff person, we talked about how to get parents more involved in WyldLife. Parents are almost always willing to help, but identifying how they can help is the kicker. So we thought, “Let’s make a group and call them Wyld Moms. They will love it!” After all, who doesn’t want a shirt that says “Wyld Mom”? We kicked the group off last year and have seen it provide all kinds of new ideas and resources for our WyldLife ministry.

Here’s how you can have Wyld Moms in your area:


Find a mom who is involved in the school/community. A key parent is important as the host because she will be part of the reason parents come. Ask the host if she is willing to provide a few snacks so you don’t have to worry about providing food. When someone asks me, “What can I bring”, I take them up on the offer!


I have found that parents can be involved in too many areas, and they don’t need another weekly or monthly obligation. We decided to meet once at the beginning of each semester so I could let them in on our upcoming plans. The first time, we gathered for an hour – I didn’t want to overwhelm them, but also wanted to make it worthwhile. The chitchat made the meeting a little long so the next time, we planned a slightly longer meeting. I want to respect their time, so my goal is to finish when we say we will.

I have found that there are fewer conflicts later in the evening, so we met from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. Talk with parents to see what nights and times work for them. There’s no point in picking a time that works for you if it isn’t good for parents. Don’t be afraid to ask.


What should the meeting look like – casual or formal? Look at your area and see what’s the best fit for you. In my area we are somewhere in the middle. Structured, but fun with everyone involved. Here’s an example of the night’s agenda with explanations.

The night starts with mingling and snacks – this is your opportunity to talk with moms and get to know them. When they arrive, each person fills out a nametag and a Wyld Moms Interest Form. After everyone has arrived and mingling is dying down, we gather in the living room. I then go through the agenda above. We finish the night with prayer. Often a few moms stick around to talk more. Be bold and start conversations with moms. It can be intimidating at the beginning, but eventually you will be a natural.

Wyld Moms is a great way to connect with moms in your area! So many great ideas have come from my moms, and I am glad I gave them the opportunity to step in and help.

Follow this link for more helpful Wyld Moms material.

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