WyldLife Wednesday: Sample Script for Calling Parents

April 20, 2016

Getting kids to WyldLife camp means calling their parents. Not sure what to say? Try this sample script:

May I speak to Mr./Mrs. Smith?

Hello, my name is Sarah and I’m a WyldLife leader at East Middle School.

I’ve enjoyed meeting your daughter, Ashley and getting to see her at WyldLife this year. I wanted to call and let you know about our WyldLife camp trip this summer.

We are going to Camp Buckner in Burnet, Texas for WyldLife camp July 3-7 and I would love for Ashley to be on that trip with us. Have you heard anything about the trip?

If they haven’t heard about the trip, say

We will leave Dallas on Saturday, July 3 and return on Thursday, July 7. The cost is $500 and includes transportation, food, housing and all camp activities. We’re taking 50 kids from East Middle School and North Middle School to camp, and it is going to be an amazing week. We’ll be traveling on a charter bus – the camp is about a 4-hour drive from Dallas down in the Texas Hill Country.

We’ll join other WyldLife groups from all over Texas at Camp Buckner – there will be a total of about 300 middle school kids and leaders. The camp has a great pool and lake with some awesome water activities. There’s also a ropes course, basketball, volleyball, Frisbee golf and all kinds of WyldLife fun. Every year, kids come back saying that camp was one of the best weeks of their lives.

Do you know if Ashley is interested in coming with us?

If a parent says his/her child does not want to go, find out why

If it’s financial, say: 

I know $500 is a lot of money, and we’ll work with you to help raise that money. We don’t want money to be the reason Ashley doesn’t come to camp. We can set up a monthly payment plan, and Ashley can participate in some of our camp fundraisers. We can figure out the money part.

If it’s because his/her child’s friends aren’t going, say

We’d love for Ashley to come and bring a couple of her friends. Who do you think she’d be excited about going to camp with? I’d be happy to call their parents and tell them about camp too.

If it’s because his/her child has a schedule conflict, say

I’m sorry to hear that she won’t be able to join us. If anything changes with your summer schedule, let me know. We really would love for Ashley to come with us.

If answer is “yes”, his/her child wants to go to camp, say

We are so excited that Ashley wants to come with us! I’d be happy to stop by and pick up her registration form and deposit. Or you can register Ashley online – let me give you that website. We only have 5 spots left, so I hope you’ll sign her up soon. I don’t want her to miss out!

Do you have any other questions about camp? It is going to be an amazing week, and I’m so excited that Ashley will be there with me.

Bring your entire WyldLife team together and spend an evening calling parents (and eating pizza!) And pray that God will give you the courage and diligence to invite kids to camp this summer by calling their parents – and that parents will say “Yes!”

Written by Julie Clapp.

If you’d like more help getting kids to sign up for camp, check out this series of posts: “How to Get Kids to Camp.”

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