YL Capernaum: Helping Capernaum Friends Lead In Club

January 28, 2016

Written by Andy Davenport. 

Training your Capernaum friends to lead in their ministry is crucial. We should view them as the leaders who will one day replace us. Here are a few thoughts and ideas on why and how you can begin to make this an essential part of your ministry.

Nuggets to help your friends succeed up front

  • Start by treating club planning like you would a typical club
  • Focus on your friends natural talents
  • Help them discover their gifts by helping them get outside their box
  • Let them have a hand in picking the songs, character names, dance moves
  • Costuming is key
  • Teach them to celebrate everyone
  • Make their disability a strength
  • Come prepared – Many can’t improvise well
  • Walk through EVERY step with them
  • Teach them how to get the crowd involved
  • Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.
  • Explain the WHY

Ways to bring your friends up front at club

  • Leading singing
  • Assist with club talk
  • Giving club talk
  • Running games/mixers
  • Giving announcements with you
  • Hand out prizes
  • Raffle person
  • Lead shoutouts
  • Lead 30 second dance party
  • Melodrama
  • Scores of the Week
  • Banana for the “Banana Song”

Top 10 excuses you make to keep from putting your friends up front?

  1. “I’m not creative”
  2. “My friends aren’t funny”
  3. “I’m not funny”
  4. “We only have 5 kids at our club”
  5. “But I’m not Sean Mann”
  6. “No one can understand what they are saying”
  7. “Everyone else will want to be up front”
  8. “We don’t play games at our club”
  9. “It will take so much longer”
  10. “I don’t know how to put them up front”

Character Ideas

  • Dancing Janitors: Fresh and Clean
  • Toni and Tonii: Coming at you unplugged, uneducated and totally unrehearsed. Oooooh, baby baby!
  • Coaches: Bring it in. 1,2,3 Whammy!
  • Roller Coaster Operators: They lead the crowd in acting out a roller coaster ride
  • Extreme Walkers (Rollers): (Video) Make video during the week doing “extreme” walking moves
  • (skateboard moves without the skateboard). Give funny names to tricks. “Stick It or Miss It”
  • Misdirection (in lieu of One Direction): Let’s be honest, this is just another chance to dance
  • Game Show Hosts: From Timbuktu to Kalamazoo, we play the games that make you go WOOOOO, so if your games get boo-ed, you’re gonna call who?
  • Magician: Knock down the wall, poke your head thru the ring, cracker disappear
  • P90Owen: Basically, dance along with Owen until you pass out
  • Referizzles: Referizzles from Capernaum-izzle and our games are off the hizzle!
  • Host “Sink or Float”: (Video) Dropping things in a pool and the crowd guesses if it will sink or float
  • Good Morning Young Life: (Video) Wake up kids dressed in costumes and ask them funny questions

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