The 1000th Post: Win a YL Prize Pack

November 9, 2015

Today marks the 1000th post we’ve ever published on The Young Life Leader Blog and next month the site will turn 5 years old! Below is a 3 minute video to introduce you to some of the folks on the team along with a short survey we’d love for you to fill out (and you can win a sweet YL Prize Pack if you do!)

Thanks for stopping by! 

-Drew Hill (and the YLLB team)

(You can email us at

Behind-the-Scenes at The Young Life Leader Blog

We want to do whatever we can to make this site more helpful for you! Please take 60 seconds and fill out the short survey below to help us. To give you a little incentive to fill out the survey, we’re drawing 3 winners (at random) from all of those who fill out the survey and sending you a YL Prize Pack (YL shirts & Fil Anderson’s book “Running on Empty.”) 


Click this link directly below if taking the survey on a mobile device.

Click here for The Young Life Leader Blog Survey.

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