Hello by Adele: Chords and Slides

November 17, 2015

The population of the United States is 320 million. In less than one month, Adele’s “Hello” has 400 million views on YouTubeHer new album comes out this week. If you’re looking for a ‘hot’ new song to sing in club, you found it. 


Odds are that someone in your club plays keys. Ask around, have someone learn to play the song and bring a keyboard. If not, you can play it on guitar and it will still work. Playing an MP3 isn’t a bad option either. Just make sure whoever is leading the song goes all out on the chorus, the crowd will follow suit. 

It would be sweet to have Adele come and lead the song at your club. Why not tweet at her and ask? She only has 24 million followers so she’ll probably get back to you right away. Stranger things have happened. 

You could also do a skit with your run-on characters that leads into everyone singing the song. Make sure to use flip phones in the skit. 

Download PowerPoint Slides 

Download Keynote Slides

Download PDF of guitar chords

*Special thanks to Keith Baker for emailing in the slides for the song. If you have chords/slides to other club songs, email them to us here and we’ll post them up on the Club Music section of the site

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