TOMORROW: $3 Booritos At Chipotle

October 30, 2015

Tomorrow for Halloween, Chipotle is discounting all entrees to $3 if you’re wearing a costume and add something unnecessary to your costume. It starts at 5pm nation-wide.

The Perfect YL Leader Halloween Plan

  1. Pick up your middle or high school friends.
  2. Head to the YL office and raid the skit closet.*
  3. Dress up in costumes, add something unnecessary and head to Chipotle.
  4. Eat cheap Booritos.
  5. Roll your Area Director’s house.**

*After borrowing costumes from the YL skit closet, the costumes should be returned in an organized manner.

**Nothing says “I love you” like toilet paper in trees. (Unless it’s raining.) Actually one thing communicates “I love you” even more than rolling your AD’s house, and that’s helping pick up the toilet paper the following afternoon.

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