Border Fellows

June 13, 2015

Are you a recent college graduate who is wanting to start well?  If so, we invite you to become a Border Fellow.  The Border Fellows Program is an intensely practical ten month spiritual and vocational leadership program on the U.S.-Mexico border, preparing you to live a seamless life of faith.  The program challenges recent college graduates to integrate their faith in Jesus, vocation, gifts and relationships with God’s heart for service, justice and reconciliation.  The program includes a part-time professional job in your field of interest, theological coursework, mentoring and community development service (Younglife, WyldLife and Elementary school programs in inner-city El Paso). All of this takes place in community with the other Fellows in your class. Our goal is for the Border Fellows Program to equip you to have a thoughtful impact in the world.

The vision of Border Fellows is twofold:  to equip recent college graduates for holistic lives, integrating faith, vocation, outreach, education and church involvement; and to build bridges between St. Clements Church and the Rio Grande neighborhood, spanning diverse culture, social and economic borders.  

Fellows are challenged to grapple with considerable gaps in income, socio-economics, culture and language.  Our desire is for fellows to graduate from the program knowing what it means to integrate their faith with their work, and having cultivated both the heart and capacity to cross cultural, language and ethnic borders, and leaving as bridge builders between the Church and marginalized communities.

By participating in the Border Fellows Program, you will discern how your story fits into God’s story. You will begin your post-college years with a strong foundation for a cohesive life of faith—a full life that seamlessly weaves together your career, your personal life and your place in God’s story.

If you are interested in becoming a fellow, you can contact Megan Feuille for more information, or visit the Border Fellows website to learn more.


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