Questions To Help Your YL Team Evaluate & Celebrate The Year

May 19, 2015

One of the most valuable, but often neglected, activities we
can do as a Young Life team is to regularly evaluate and celebrate.

It’s tempting to measure success with numbers. It’s tempting
to feel good about the year if you’ve had had big clubs and an epic camp
sign-up. It’s tempting to feel bad about the semester if Campaigners never
picked up momentum. It’s tempting to think wider is better than deeper.

Tempting and misleading. In the Psalms, we see the psalmists consistently
reminding their souls of God’s truth. We must do the same.

Before we evaluate and celebrate, let’s remember the One who gives and takes
away. If we trust God to be in control… when things go well, He gets the glory.
And when our ministry seems to languish, we can say with open hands,
“Sovereign God, in your timing, your will be done.”

Below are some questions to help your team evaluate and celebrate
the past year. 


  • What motivated you to keep going this year
    when things got hard?
  • What was something you experienced that was
    frustrating or disappointing?
  • What God-given gifts were you excited to use
    this year as you served in YL?
  • What gifts do you wish you would’ve developed?


  • What did the Lord teach you this year? How did
    you grow in your relationship with Him?
  • Where did Jesus surprise, interrupt, shake you
    up or delight you this year?
  • In addition to your role as a leader, what
    helped you grow in your faith?

Contact Work

  • Tell us a story that happened this year with
    one of your middle or high school friends.
  • Share contact work highlights. What worked
    well? What would you like to improve?
  • What new kids did you meet this semester?
  • What kids did you see grasp the Gospel for the
    first time?
  • What kids are heavy on your heart right now?


  • Share the highlights you remember from club
    this year.
  • What worked well at club this year? What
    should we keep doing next year? 
  • What should we do differently? What is one way
    to improve club in the fall?
  • Were kids given ownership of Club?
  • How could we ‘spread the word’ about club
    better starting in August?
  • What went well with your club talks? 
  • What is one way you can grow in becoming a
    better communicator of the Gospel?
  • As far as you were able, did you welcome new
    kids at club?
  • Did we remember names well?
  • Did we meet parents before and after club?
  • Did we leave the club room cleaned up, better
    than we found it?


  • Share a highlight or two from Campaigners this
  • How could Campaigners improve for next fall?
  • Who are 3 of your closest high school friends
    and how have you seen them grow? 
  • What kids are you most excited about going
    deeper with next year?
  • Were kids given ownership of Campaigners this
    year? Did you position kids to lead?


  • How have you felt about summer “camp sell“?
  • What have we done well as a team to get kids
    signed up?
  • What could we do differently next year to help
    get kids to camp?
  • What is your contact work plan for the summer?
  • If you will be out of town, how will you stay
    in touch with kids?
  • What are you looking forward to this summer?
  • What are you dreading?
  • Where do you sense God leading you this
    summer? Where are you excited to see God at work in your life this summer?


  • Share a time when you watched a teammate
    demonstrate Jesus’ love. 
  • If our team could improve on one aspect of
    ministry next year, what would it be?
  • What one thing would you like to improve on in
    your personal ministry next year?
  • What
    is one thing we can be
    accountable for…to help you grow
    personally and in your ministry? How can we as a team support you?
  • What sacrifices did you make this year to do
    YL?  Were those wise sacrifices to make?
  • (If the team leader is leading this time…)
    What is something I as team leader did well?
  • What is something I as team leader can
    improve on in the fall?
  • How do you feel about our team dynamics? Did
    we love each other well? Pray for one another consistently? Serve and help
    one another? How can we grow in that next year?
  • Make a list of potential leaders to be praying
    for to join our team. 

You can download these questions to print here

You may also want to refer to the Young
Life ‘Back to the Basics’ Inventory

Now, go out and celebrate! Remember that He who began a good
work in you and your ministry, promises to continue and complete it.

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