Young Life Coffee House

April 16, 2015

A guest post by Charlie Heritage, YL leader in Greensboro, NC

On Monday night, we held our 1st annual Young Life Coffee House.  We invited a few kids from each school in the area to share their talents. 

In 15 years of being a YL leader, this is one of the most memorable nights I have ever been a part of.  Why? Because it was simple, kids were the stars of the night, and the Good News was delivered. 

We were fortunate to be able to use a local warehouse (turned into church) space which created the perfect intimate setting for this event.  We provided a few light snacks and drinks at the beginning, turned the lights down low, and the show began.  

There were no judges. No prizes to be won. No need to be perfect in order to claim victory. One by one, kids stepped up to the mic and became heroes. From guitar players to a high school acapella group, the night was all about giving these high schoolers an opportunity to stand in front of their peers and do what they love.  

After half of the kids had performed, two seniors shared their testimonies and at the end of the night a leader gave a short talk. I know that there were kids in the audience who had never been to YL club before, but they were there to listen to their friends perform. Everyone in attendance got a chance to hear the Gospel and to hear from a couple of their high school friends what it means to have Christ in their lives.

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