When Club Isn’t Working

April 23, 2015

Last week I received an email from a YL staff person looking for activities to do ‘when club isn’t working’ or if you have to ‘punt’ when there aren’t very many kids at club. Below are a few options.

  • Poor Man’s Paintball
  • Bigger, Better, Best
  • T-Shirt Rally 
    • Similar to Bigger, Better, Best, but with t-shirts instead. Just go knock on doors and try to get the most t-shirts given to you.
      • 1 point = T-shirt 
      • 2 points = Long sleeve t-shirt
      • 10 points = A t-shirt from your high school
      • 20 points = Bring back a high school friend who has never been to Young Life
      • 30 points = Bring back a summer camp deposit
  • Instagram Scavenger Hunt 
  • Matball
    • Similar to kickball except you have extra large bases for 1st and 3rd and both are switched in opposite places
    • After batting, you will run left to get to first base and proceed clockwise around the bases
    • The large mats can have as many people as you like on them
    • If you leave 1st or 3rd base you can go back with no penalty as long as you don’t touch or pass 2nd or home plate. If you do go past those, you must continue to the next mat.
    • After passing home you continue back to first base. However, your run does not count unless you safely make it to first base.
  • Angleball
  • Manhunt
  • Find Your Leader
  • Couch Olympics
  • Cookout/Bonfire
  • Trampoline park
  • Dodgeball
  • Stickball
  • Field Trip To The Pet Store or Animal Shelter
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Go visit folks at a hospital or nursing home

If you have other ideas, please email us here and we’ll add them to the post. 

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