Promposals: Creative Ways To Invite Her To The Prom

March 10, 2015

Some of your high school friends are beginning to ask dates to the prom. Pictured here are a few fun promposal ideas you can pass along. 

One of my high school friends wrote a letter to Roy Williams, coach of the UNC Tarheels basketball team. He asked him to write a letter to the girl he wanted to ask to prom. Roy did it!

For tons of other ways to connect with and serve your high school friends during prom season check out the YL Leader Guide to Prom Season.

Below are a few ways we as Young Life leaders can serve our high school friends, parents, and school administrations.


Dress/Tux Shopping

Go shopping with them. Do you think your 
high school friend would rather go to Men’s Warehouse with his YL leader or his mom? It’s a toss up, but for the female YL leaders it’s a no-brainer contact work opportunity.

Pimp That Ride

Offer to pimp out your Rav-4 and dress up as a limo driver to escort your high school friends and their dates to dinner and prom. 
Maybe even check with committee folks or adults at your church who have nice vehicles they’d be willing to let you borrow.


Offer to cook/serve an elegant candlelight dinner for your high school friends. Do it at your house, their house, the YL house, or outside at a park. 
It’ll be much cheaper than a steakhouse and more memorable as well.


Show up at the pre-dinner photo spot with a super-nice camera that you borrowed from your retired uncle. Take pics, edit them, post them on 
Instagram and tag your high school friends.


This is a night full of regrets for many of our friends. Let’s beg God to protect them and to give them courage to make wise decisions.


Help your high school friends think through the evening ahead of time. Tell them you know 
the temptations they will face. Tell them Jesus knows those same temptations (Matthew 4). Tell them to look for a way out (1 Corinthians 10:13)because Jesus always provides one. Who else is having these important conversations with them? It’s one of the reasons we work so hard to earn the right to be heard. 


You might be surprised at how grateful the high school administration will be to hear an adult ask if they can help supervise the prom. It’s not like a ton of adults are lining up to referee boogie-dance wrastlin’.

Prom Alternative 

Some of your friends didn’t get asked to the prom. They say it’s not a big deal, but no one enjoys being left out. Imagine how excited they would be if you offered them another hangout option during prom. You could do something low-key or even create an event like “MORP” (Prom backwards.) Instead of the dance you could create an evening of a fancy meal followed by video scavenger hunts, rolling houses, ice blocking, movies, and even your own little dance party. That’s the stuff memories are made of.


If your high school puts on an After-Prom event, volunteer to help. Our YL team used to film music videos of kids during the event. We used the YL skit closet and had kids dress up and lip-sync the song of their choice. We got some construction lights and designed a lil stage. After we shot the music videos we uploaded them on the YL YouTube page for kids to view. It was a big hit. If your school doesn’t offer an After-Prom consider offering your friends a late night alternative.

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