Winner, Winner! Raffle Prizes At Club

November 12, 2014

Weekly club raffles are a time-tested tradition at Young Life clubs across the country. As folks arrive they each get a raffle ticket with a number. The matching ticket is thrown in a hat. 

Near the beginning of club, maybe after the opening song, a leader comes on stage and says ‘WHAT TIME IS IT?’ And then everyone yells ‘RAFFLE…RAFFLE…RAFFLE….” as loud as they can. The YL leader then gets a helper to draw out winning tickets. The numbers are slowly read aloud.

7- Woooo!  (Everyone says ‘wooooo’ because everyone’s ticket has a 7 on it

3- Wooo! (Most people ‘wooo’ but some people ‘booo’ because not everyone has a 3

1- Booo/Wooooo! (There are 9 happy folks who are still in it to win it)

8- The winner screams and everyone else boooos!

Creative Raffle Prizes

  • Mystery Box: Have a mystery box that folks can reach into and pull out a mystery prize. Sometimes it’s an empty envelope. Sometimes its a Starbucks gift card. Sometimes it’s a live animal. 
  • The Golden Fish: A goldfish in a small bowl with fish food. Who doesn’t love to win a fish?
  • Lunch With A Leader: It’s contact work waiting to happen. Find out their order and bring them lunch at school.
  • Best Seat In The House: While everyone else has to sit on the floor at club, this lucky winner will get to relax in a comfy recliner chair for the rest of the night. Or if you play for the Seattle Seahawks, you can just give everyone in your Campaigners group a comfy recliner for the entire night. (See Clint Gresham’s pic)

  • $ off of Summer Camp.
  • A toilet seat frame with an autographed picture of one of the YL leaders. Toilet seats are $6 at the hardware store. Take the lid off and just use the seat as a frame.
  • Old YL shirts: raid your Area Director’s closet.
  • Dancing shoes: Spray paint an old pair of shoes with gold spray paint. They look cool! 
  • Movie Tickets
  • A box of doughnuts.
  • A $5 shopping spree at Sheetz after club

What other creative ideas would you add? Comment below or email me here

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