2 Ways To Quickly Make Club Recap Videos

September 25, 2014

The Magisto Way

Last year I made a one-minute recap video of club each week. I posted it on Twitter an hour after club. It was an easy way for folks who didn’t make it to see what they missed.

Here’s a video I made after our first club 2 weeks ago. It took me 10-15 minutes to make it and post it. Everything was done on an iPhone 5.

Here’s How I Made It

  • During club I took between 5-10 random pics and about five different video clips, each ranging between 10-20 seconds.  
  • I also shot a 2 min video as kids ran through the tunnel to start club. 
  • After club, during our post club team mtg, I opened the Slo-Pro app on my iPhone and imported that tunnel footage. I then selected 4x speed and saved that new 30 second video to my camera roll. 
  • I then scrolled through Instagram and captured screen-shots from a few kid’s pics from club. 
  • At this point I had 15 pics and 6 video clips in my camera roll that I wanted to use in the video.
  • I then opened the Magisto App, which is how the magic happens. In Magisto you select which style video you want to make, what song you want in the background, and what pics and clips you want in the video. It does the rest. It’s never perfect, but it’s always quick and easy. Videos cost $1 to download but I bought the unlimited annual downloads for $18. Totally worth it for the time it saves in editing. 
  • After the video is done processing a Magisto notification pops up. I then copy the link to the video and tweet it out from our Twitter account. Sometimes I take the extra step of downloading the video to my phone and uploading it to Vimeo, but that’s not necessary as it can be viewed directly from the Magisto link. 
  • The Time-Lapse Method

    If you’ve upgraded to ios8 on your iPhone you now have the ability to shoot time-lapse videos from your phone. If you haven’t, you can download a new app from Instagram called Hyperlapse that does the same thing.

    Find a strategic place to set up your phone or invest in a Gorillapod.  Record your entire club on timelapse and it can trim an hour down to 90 seconds as you’ll see here from GDS YL.

    When you get done filming, just use the iMovie app to add music and then upload to your YL YouTube account! 

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