Take Your 20’s & Be A Sponge: The Greensboro Fellows Program

May 28, 2014

Some of the best advice anyone ever gave me was this: “Take your 20’s and learn. Be a sponge. Be teachable. Be formed. You have the rest of your life to work a full-time job, pay a mortgage, start a family. Don’t rush into a career. In your 20’s, find people who will pour into you, disciple you, and develop you.” 

That is exactly what the Greensboro Fellows program is, a chance for you to be formed.  If you’re a college grad, still uncertain about what this next year holds, maybe this could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

We want to invite you to join us for 10 months starting in September of 2014. 

In the Greensboro Fellows program you will:

  • Experience community and new friendships with folks from all around the country/world
  • Get experience working in the marketplace with a paid job
  • Get experience working in ministry
  • Take accredited seminary courses and receive other biblical training
  • Receive leadership development at the Center for Creative Leadership
  • Volunteer as a Young Life leader in a high school in Greensboro, NC
  • Network weekly with business and ministry leaders 
  • Meet weekly with a mentor
  • Travel around the country
  • Spend two weeks working alongside our partner churches in Rwanda

This video explains more about the Greensboro Fellows program.

In September 2014 we are launching our 3rd year of the Greensboro Fellows Program.  It is a 10-month discipleship and development program that will graft you into a community of believers in which you will study the Bible together weekly; gain experience (25 hours per week) in a job with one of our partners; take accredited seminary courses in Church History, Theology, and Apologetics; volunteer with a local ministry; receive world reknown leadership development training at CCL; and be mentored weekly by an older believer in our city.


Two mornings each week our fellows begin with an hour in Morning Prayer and worship with your peers.  Each Tuesday night we enjoy dinner together with each other as well as guests from the community who will tell their stories or lead discussions.


Monday through Wednesday our fellows work a 25-hour per week, paid job with one of our marketplace or ministry partners. 


For 6-10 hours each week fellows volunteer with a local campus ministry, church, or non-profit organization.  Young Life is one of our amazing partners!

Leadership Development

We are excited to work each year with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL).  CCL is ranked 2nd in the world in leadership development by Financial Times Magazine and provides a world-class curriculum to our fellows.  Every Thursday evening we meet at the center to work on-site with their experienced faculty to discover personal strengths, values and desires; to work on goal formation setting short-term, long-term, personal, professional, and spiritual goals; to develop life plans and practical strategies for living out the plans that are developed; and to learn communication skills and networking.  This training is taught through the lens of the Gospel and in light of our call as believers in Christ. 

Classroom Training

One day each week is devoted to learning Church History, Theology, and Apologetics.  Fellows will take one accredited seminary course, as well as two more classes taught by local pastors in the field of their expertise.  Each class day will also consist of a seminar led by a business or ministry leader in their organization.  These leaders in their field will present on topics such as Work as Worship, Excellence in Our Call, Servant Leadership, etc.  By the end of the year fellows will have learned from and networked with dozens of business and ministry leaders. 


We will travel throughout the year to the mountains, the beach, a Veritas Forum on a major campus, and will end with two weeks in Africa. Check out last year’s video here

If this opportunity interests you, we would love to talk!

Duration: September 2014 – early June 2015

Tuition: $6,500.00

To Apply: visit www.greensborofellows.com

Questions: email Tripp at Tripp.Graziano@gmail.com

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